• Polishing everything for 20 seconds?

  • Cleaning in corona time: polishing everything for 20 seconds?

    RIVM advises Dutch people to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Does this rule only apply to hands, or do you also have to clean surfaces in the house for at least 20 seconds?20 seconds cleaning? Schoonmaak kantoor has been collecting coronavirus questions from the Dutch via their website since the start of the coronavirus crisis. One of the questions they receive is "do you have to clean every surface in the house for 20 seconds?Smooth surfaces RTL contacts RIVM. The answer? No, it won't. You don't have to clean all the surfaces in your house for 20 seconds now. According to RIVM, that has everything to do with the relief. "For example, if you clean your kitchen counter with the right cleaning agents, that's enough. Smooth surfaces cannot be compared to your hands."Why 20 seconds?Because a lot of dirt can stick to hands, so they have to be cleaned carefully. The dirt can, for example, accumulate under the hails, between the fingers or in the palm of the hand. To get rid of this, 20 seconds washing is a must. "If you don't just want to keep your hands under water for a while, but want to wash them well with soap and water, you also need to clean your fingertips and under your nails, for example. That takes 20 seconds," says RIVM versus RTL News. According to the institute, cleaning your hands is best compared to cleaning a pepper. That also has to be done thoroughly to avoid too spicy surprises.No longer, more often Although extra-long cleaning of (smooth) surfaces in the house is not necessary, it is advisable to clean them more often than you are used to. Think, for example, of stair railings, light switches or kitchen cabinet handles. You can do this with warm water and all-purpose cleaner.Extra hygiene in the comfort cleaning kitchen You should also change your tea towels and dishcloths daily if you have not already done so. This advice is not new, as the Nutrition Centre has been advising you to do so for a long time. However, it is particularly topical now because, in addition to bacteria that can cause food poisoning, you don't want to spread coronavirus particles throughout your kitchen. Although the chance of the virus spreading through objects or dust is small, it is still good to be cautious about this.

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